Tellus Corp

Oliver Le Roux is the President and founder of Tellus Corp. His many achievements in International Sports and massive success in entertainment with his company Tellus Productions, working Internationally with large Brands and Large Hollywood figures. These achievements put him in a position to guide and coach Business leaders on how to become their ideal self through his systems. Having a Contemporary Method Acting Bachelor in Theater and extensive knowledge in high performance sports and film production. He is a powerful coach that can promote lasting change within his clients towards massive success.

Working with the Porsche formula E team

In December 2019 Oliver was used by the Porsche formula E team for their world wide campaigns.
You can watch the video below

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Competing with the best

This is picture of Oliver Le Roux and Dan Norton (England 7's) during a post game interview between the two nations after a game.

Writing History for Danish Rugby

Oliver Le Roux is the first Danish international 7's rugby player ever to be part of a squad, that went on to win a Professional World Club 7's title in 2014

Presenting films at pannels in Hollywood

Here is a picture from the Ontario Comic Con in California, where Oliver presented one of his movie's with the legendary Craig Miller who was a big player behind the Original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back in 2017.

Being a Soldier

Serving, demands discipline and a mindset that can push you beyond your physical body and beat all your own fears and weaknesses to then move on to using them to your advantage. The truth is anyone can do it as long as they possess these 4 traits and make them their absolute core belief system focus, persistence, accountability and discipline. Oliver Le Roux